The Enchanted Doll:

A Fairy Tale


Written by Louise M. Dery-Wells

Illustrated by Donna Secour


In a toymaker’s shop, a beautiful doll stands alone under her glass, as she has stood for many years. Although the toymaker put her there to protect her, she is very lonely. Although many children admire her, no parents will take her home, thinking her too lovely to touch. Her one comfort is a pretty pink rose—a magical flower that has an unusual scent. One day, however, an apprentice arrives to work with the toymaker. When the young man takes the doll out of her glass and allows the magic of the rose to work, everything changes for the doll, the toymaker, and one special little girl. This illustrated fairy tale explores the yearning to belong, the need for patience in the journey of life, and the power of that patience to heal, transform, and manifest our heart’s desires.




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