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Art Review

Artist Donna Secour Takes Us On A Healing Journey

By Renee Phillips

As the curator of “The Healing Power of ART Inspired by NATURE” 2023 Exhibition I had the pleasure of selecting one of Donna Secour’s paintings to include in the show and also present her with a Special Recognition Art Award. It was an additional honor for me when she asked me to write an Art Review for her. With pleasure I share it with you here.

Rest, acrylic, 24″ x 24″

This painting was selected for The Healing Power of ART Inspired By NATURE” 2023 Exhibition.When viewing the paintings by Donna Secour we immediately embark upon a healing journey toward enlightened renewal. Her choice of images, proficient use of jubilant colors and harmonious compositions evoke feelings of hope and positivity. The bliss and solace we feel upon our first encounter continue to nurture us throughout her entire portfolio. The titles she chooses for her art also quiet our minds and lift our spirits. Donna’s nature-inspired subjects reflect her aspiration to share an idealized and symbolic representation of the natural world and the human spirit. As a versatile artist who excels in using pastels, oils, and acrylics, she offers us a plethora of inspirational visions. She guides us along sunlit paths, fields, and waterscapes beneath clear blue skies and transports us to awe-inspiring vistas. We also revel in her close-up views of flower blossoms, rejoice in a kaleidoscope of butterflies, and imagine sitting in one of the two empty chairs she has placed for us. In her series of portrait paintings Donna continues to convey a sense of poetic beauty. She is adept in representing the likeness of her subjects with a heartfelt sensitivity and attention to detail. With this artful combination she illuminates their individual personas. As viewers of Donna’s art, we transcend earthbound limitations and enter an expansive world of loving kindness, tranquility, childlike wonder, and joie de vivre.

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