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You Are Well

This pain that we are all feeling is something more than what we view as the sad recollection of the past or the deep sorrow at what we anticipate to lose. We do not exist in our entirety here on earth.

We are energetic beings, soulful beings that carry on with our journey long after this journey passes. We don’t pass on; we pass through, the same force of life that exists here, exists all around. We are not the material beings that we think we are.

Our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, friends and foe exist beyond this earthly veil.

The heavy tug of the material world is just a manifestation of energy and matter

Like water to ether, or solid to liquid, we are earth to spirit.

Our lives live on in so many unseen ways we cannot imagine. What is here is only a clue to what lies waiting. . It is attachment to earthly life that makes us feel so small. We are in a tiny room of a grand mansion.

The kingdom of god is here. It is but a frequency, tuned like a radial dial.

Living words reach out to us, listen as they call your name….

You are Well…

You are well….

You are well….

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